Umbra 3 Overview

“Power up your level creation and rendering”

Occlusion culling middleware that generates occluders automatically – Happy artists!

Improves rendering performance and helps  facilitate the creation of highly detailed and dynamic game environments – Happy gamers!

Do this with little overhead and non-intrusively with any type of 3D content – Happy programmers!

Download Game Developer Magazine’s review of Umbra 3.2 in PDF format

The Umbra 3 visibility solution powers up real-time graphics performance and productivity with automatic occluder generation and software based occlusion culling.

Umbra 3 improves development workflow by enabling both rapid content iteration and the creation of more sophisticated levels and more detailed graphics content. Umbra 3 automatically generates occluders from “polygon soup” empowering artists to spend their time on what really matters – creating awesome looking game worlds.

Umbra 3 makes sure you only render objects visible to the player. This powers up your rendering to enable better visuals running at an improved frame rate. Umbra 3 provides this as non-intrusively and with as little overhead as possible with any type of 3D content as input.

Umbra 3 is a proven, industry-standard visibility solution and has been selected by some of the worlds best game developers to power their games; CD Projekt, Bungie, Remedy, Guerrilla, Microsoft Game Studios, Splash Damage, Vicarious Visions, Sony Online Entertainment and many others are using Umbra for future video games.

Umbra 3 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (Windows, OSX, Linux), iOS, mobile  and other platforms on request.