Umbra 3 Overview

“Power up your level creation and rendering”

Occlusion culling middleware that generates occluders automatically – Happy artists!

Improves rendering performance and helps  facilitate the creation of highly detailed and dynamic game environments – Happy gamers!

Do this with little overhead and non-intrusively with any type of 3D content – Happy programmers!

Umbra 3 Fall 2013 showreel

Download Game Developer Magazine’s review of Umbra 3.2 in PDF format

The Umbra 3 visibility solution powers up real-time graphics performance and productivity with automatic occluder generation and software based occlusion culling.

Umbra 3 improves development workflow by enabling both rapid content iteration and the creation of more sophisticated levels and more detailed graphics content. Umbra 3 automatically generates occluders from “polygon soup” empowering artists to spend their time on what really matters – creating awesome looking game worlds.

Umbra 3 makes sure you only render objects visible to the player. This powers up your rendering to enable better visuals running at an improved frame rate. Umbra 3 provides this as non-intrusively and with as little overhead as possible with any type of 3D content as input.

Umbra 3 is a proven, industry-standard visibility solution and has been selected by some of the worlds best game developers to power their games; CD Projekt, Bungie, Eidos Montreal, Remedy, Guerrilla, Infinity Ward, Microsoft Game Studios, Sledgehammer Games, Splash Damage, Vicarious Visions, Sony Online Entertainment, Tequila Works and many others are using Umbra for future video games.

Umbra 3 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (Windows, OSX, Linux), iOS, mobile  and other platforms on request.