Solving Visibility and Streaming in the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Umbra 3 @ GDC14

CD Projekt Red are building The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s massive open world with the help of Umbra 3. In this presentation you can see how CDP has integrated Umbra 3 into their content creation process, the pros and cons of using middleware and see plenty of stats on query times, memory usage and such.

Boosting your ARM-based Mobile 3D Rendering Performance with Umbra 3

Umbra 3 is fully optimized for mobile platforms and especially ARM-devices. Here’s our presentation on the matter from the Game Developers Conference 2014.

Powering up the level creation and rendering of Destiny with Umbra 3

This is our presentation held at GDC 2013 with Bungie on how the developer is taking full advantage of Umbra 3 to power it’s Destiny video game franchise. Bungie’s Lead Graphics Architect Hao Chen explains the requirements Bungie had for Destiny and how Umbra 3 is integrated into the production pipeline. The presentation also offers extensive statistics (query times, memory usage, processing times etc) on Umbra 3 usage in Destiny.

Umbra 3 General overview

A 3 minute overview of what Umbra 3 is, what it does and what benefits it can bring you. Take a look!

Umbra 3 Fall 2013 showreel

Umbra 3.2 Overview

Umbra 3.2 was released on February 1st 2013. It is a major new release which contains much-requested streaming, which allows for massive, streaming open world scenes. Several optimizations such as the hiearchical occluder data significantly improve performance in large open enviroments. 3.2 also introduces shadow and light culling into Umbra 3. While 3.2 really enables you to make next-generation games, it’s fully optimized for current generation hardware to ensure maximum performance.

Umbra 3: Next-generation solution for occlusion culling

This is a presentation from Umbra 3’s lead engineer Antti Hätälä from Assembly 2012 ARTtech seminar. This 45-minute presentation delves into how Umbra 3 works, what sort of challenges we foresee the next-generation of video games presenting in terms of rendering and graphics and of course, how Umbra 3 helps solve some of these issues.

Umbra 3: Incremental visibility bake

Umbra 3 visibility information is created in a pre-process with the Umbra 3 Optimizer component. Incremental Bake allows you to make changes to your game scene and get accurate visibility information in seconds as we only have to process the area that has been affected by the changes you have made.

Occlusion culling explained

An easy explanation as to what Occlusion Culling is and what benefits you gain by having a proper Occlusion Culling system in place, like Umbra 3!

Umbra 3: architecture overview and workflow

An overview of how Umbra 3 works in pre-process and runtime. The video explains what happens in the pre-process: what the Umbra 3 Optimizer does and how it works, explain what is an Umbra 3 Tome and how all this comes together in runtime.

Umbra 3: Pre-process parameters and the View cell explained

The two key parameters in the pre-process are Near clip plane and View cell size. The video explains what these do and the effect they have on the quality of visibility as well as memory usage.

Umbra 3: Runtime overview demo

Take a look at how Umbra’s automated sofware based portal culling works in a game environment in our test level. The video shows both line- and portal visualizations as to how Umbra 3 does it’s magic both indoors and outdoors. It’s a good idea to look at the pre-process video above first, which explains things like the View cell.

Game Developer Conference 2012 showreel

Our showreel showcasing our clients and their games using Umbra from Game Developer Conference 2012.

Umbra 3 Game Developer Conference 2011 showreel

Some great videogames using Umbra’s technology with some choice quotes from our lovely clients and partners such as BioWare and CCP. This video was used as our showreel at the Game Developer Conference 2011.

Umbra 3 GDC 2011 pitch

Our superman Teppo training his Umbra 3 pitch on the third day of Game Developer Conference 2011. We thank our buddies at Intel for the video, but next time, show up on the first day, huh?

Umbra BigWorld integration – GDC Online 2011

Umbra’s Visibility Optimizer Thomas talks about Umbra’s BigWorld integration as well as the benefits our technology gives to developers. Shoutout to the most awesome crew at BigWorld!